Tuesday, February 10, 2009

work, work, work

The studio is coming along swimmingly. My friend J has finally moved in and was painting the space on Monday whilst I was completing an order for one of my stores. Most exciting. I have been working trying to complete all the production work so that I can start to experiment. I have it in my head that I need to start making some new works, I have been playing with the idea of fluid movement and using leather, resin, wood and precious materials to realise my ideas.

So I feel like my life is just about work at the moment. I work 2 days selling metal to jewellers, novices and students. I have a story every time I finish this job. Favourite story so far is when one person rang up to ask about having a 30cm chain as an anklet, I ask you, why would anyone in their right mind want to accentuate an ankle of such large proportions? Perhaps they need to have a neon saying here is my ankle, isn't it grand!

This leaves 5 days, one day I am studying trade jewellery at Enmore TAFE (more on that at a later date), 3 days in the studio. And so I can have some sort of down time, I have decided to have Sunday off.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You are here

The space is fantastic! I feel a bit weird not having somewhere to 'tinker away' from at home and even more strange is that I am 'going to work' but after a few days I am mostly settling into the space. There have been many conversations between myself and C, my studio partner, over the past few days regarding ways of selling to the public, doing small intimate selling shows or 'Guerrilla Store' style shows where the works continuously change and people will find different works in there every time they come in. I showed a friend of mine the space who makes beautiful vintage recycled beaded jewellery and she is interested in taking the space opposite the one I'm in. J has suggested we put together a selling show once a year, throw some food, some vino and get the patrons to attend a night at the studio. If she gets the space opposite, we could run the whole floor. I feel very optimistic about this year! What a great start.

On the down side to the space, Telstra is going to charge me $300 to get a land-line phone, talk about taking liberties with making money any which way they can! It's outrageous, I'll get around to getting the phone line on soon. AAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year, New Studio!

Yesterday I moved into a new studio/workshop. I have worked on my own for approximately 10years, working from home and have avoided going into another place to make. I'm sharing with 1 other person, a shoe designer/maker which I hope will give me lots of inspiration and drive. I am excited and a little scared, but mostly excited.