Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today I was filmed in my studio making this ring. It was a strange experience I must say, having a dialogue with someone who you kind of had to pretend wasn't there. Being 'put on the spot' is challenging as you kind of blab trying to find interesting stuff to talk about and hoping your not sounding incoherent or incompetent. Being able to talk about your work and practice is something that should be an an integral part of your business. I feel the older I've become, the more tools I have enabled to be able to portray myself and my work. I must say I still have problems forming an answer to, 'What sort of jewellery do you make?'

This collection is an expansion on an idea that I worked on last year. I wanted to tap into the current contemporary jewellery fashion that is an exploration of a more organic nature and finish is quite raw. This collection is a study of the quiet beauty of an abandoned nest.


  1. Hi George

    I think this ring is beautiful. I love the diversity you work in. One time it is resin and the next inspired by a birds nest.

    In regards to the 'superstar' interviewed experience. It's practice makes perfect. You're absolutely right that an artist needs to be able to have a clear mind and express themselves - but on our own terms. Sometimes an interviewer will through you a question from outaspace...this is when you really have to think on your feet!

  2. Thanks Azure,


    I think diversity in ideas and diversity in materials is the key to keeping your work fresh and interesting. Being able to manipulate and allowing yourself to play in different materials allows your ideas to become real. As designers, we need to tap into our clientele/collective consciousness and produce work that will fit to their lives. It's not about our egos!

    Yup interviews can be exhausting however, still quite positive. I think the best thing about this experience is that it allows me to reflect on my career and what I have done and perhaps where i am going to.